Unikrn & Unicorns of Love partner in $50,000 search for new esports talent!

September 16, Berlin — Unikrn, the world’s longest-operating esports-first betting operator, and Unicorns of Love, one of gaming’s most beloved fan-focused esports franchises, are offering a $50,000 streaming or esports contract for a new esports talent to join the Unicorns of Love banner. The brands are announcing the search alongside major changes to the Unicorns of Love competitive CS:GO roster, a search open for any esports fan to enter.

This search for a streamer or pro player will result in a Unikrn user receiving a 6-month contract to play with Unicorns of Love, earning $50,000 in sponsorship. Any aspiring streamer or esports competitor can apply to join Unicorns of Love on Unikrn’s search page.

“The Unicorns of Love family is changing today,” said Jos Mallant, UOL’s Owner, “Our established players will don a new jersey, with Unikrn’s invaluable support. We’ll be joined by new teammates as UOL pushes to become Germany’s best CS:GO franchise. We’re excited to be adding three new players in, Andreas “Andyy” Schäfer, Jon “JDC” de Castro and Michal “OKOLICIOUZ” Glowaty. We can’t wait to welcome a fan into our clan to stream or compete in 2020. New roster, new talent, two unicorns, one jersey: ThinkPink!”

The two companies will be partnering to provide player support for professional gamers across multiple titles, including CS:GO, SimRacing and PUBG Mobile, as well as expand Unicorns of Love’s reach with new resourcing in the coming year.

“Unikrn is first and foremost a supporter of esports,” said Rahul Sood, Unikrn’s CEO, “The last time we co-founded a team, it was a big success during our tenure. Unikrn loves Unicorns of Love’s fan love: just the name itself was too good to pass up. We’re excited to unveil Unikrns of Love.”

Unikrn and Unicorns of Love expect the unprecedented partnership activities to invigorate esports fans this fall, and Unicorns of Love fans can get earliest access by visiting Unikrn.com and submitting an application to be considered for the once-in-a-lifetime $50,000 sponsorship opportunity.