August 02, 2021

Here we go! The gaming house opens its doors

Let’s go! We turn on the lights and open the first areas of our future gaming house in Hamburg.

It is a journey: Until New Year’s 2022, we will grow week by week, pixel by pixel, into the former Telekom Conference Hotel and transform it further and further into the Esport Center and Innovations Hub. The house will be called RCADIA and will be a meeting place for professionals and hobby gamers. Together with the community, fans and teams we will develop this house in the way we all need it. On the 9 floors of the 20,000 square meter building, there will be spaces for Esport, Gaming, Education, Co-Living, Co-Working, Event, Retail and much more. You can already be part of this process starting today, at the FIFA Community Event starting at 5pm! For the first event today, great guests like professionals of “Hamburger SV eSports”, “Hertha BSC eSports” as well as ex-FIFA world champion Joshua “Krone” Begehr will be on site for a tournament and games with the community in RCADIA from 5 pm.

Stay tuned to many great events coming soon!

May 03, 2021

Unicorns in Iceland - MSI starts this week and we are participating!

After a perfect  season start in the LCL, the League of Legends team of Unicorns of Love finished 4th in the regular season. In the playoffs, the team around Coach Sheepy could prevail. They defeated Gambit 3:1 in the semifinals and won 3:1 against newcomer CrowCrowd in the finals. With this, the Unicorns qualified once again for the MSI, which will take place in Iceland this year.
Ambitions are high, just like the competition. Only the eleven winners of the regional leagues
participate and compete at the MSI. “The MSI gives us another chance to measure ourselves against
the best of the best. We can grow from the experience we gain at the MSI and prepare ourselves for
the Worlds 2021 in the best possible way,” explains Fabian “Sheepy” Mallant.
The MSI starts on May 6 with the group stage. The Unicorns of Love are in Group A along with LPL
representative Royal Never Give Up and LCO representative Pentanet.GG.

March 01, 2021

World champion in esailing is part of the UOL squad

The new Unicorns of Love esailing squad has a top-class line-up. In addition to world champion Joan
Cardona, 2019 world runner-up Tristan Péron, current third-place finisher Jonathan Koch, Danish
champion Lukas Mohr and current sixth-place finisher Martim Fernandes will soon be racing for the
Unicorns. Esailing is an emerging esports discipline, which can be played on both computers and
smartphones. The big difference to other esports disciplines: The best esailors are also sailors
outside the virtual world.
“Of course, virtual sailing cannot replace real sailing, but the strategies in esailing are very similar to
those in sailing, the only thing missing is the water and the wind on your skin,” explains Jonathan
The esailing Champions League will start on Friday, 05.03, and a Champions League for teams is
planned as well. More detailed information will be available in the course of the year.

February 26, 2021

Perfect Season Opening for the Unicorns

Four match days, four wins. The Unicorns of Love got off to a perfect start in the current LCL split.
Before the start of the split, the Unicorns had replaced one player in their roster. The new player
Frappi is highly motivated and brings a breath of fresh air to the team, according to Coach Sheepy.
The young Frenchman holds great potential and energizes his teammates, he added.
„I feel super comfortable finally being in a esport team, who finally works that hard, who is
disciplined, serious and since we’re on this same page there is a really good atmosphere inside the
team. So I’m really happy and grateful to be in UOL“, Frappi tells.
For Sheepy, the goals for 2021 are very clear: “We want to assert ourselves in the LCL again and
prove at the big international tournaments that we can hold our own against teams from the major
International fans also have the Unicorns on their radar. With 15.4 million hours watched, the
Unicorns are the most popular team in the Minor Regions in 2020, a good sign for a successful 2021.

February 01, 2021

New year - new Unicorns

In addition to some familiar faces at the Unicorns of Love, there was a lot of change in the squad
lineup over the turn of the year. Most of the new additions have already been announced via social
media. Here’s an overview once again.
The LOL team of the CIS region, which successfully participated in the World Championship in
Shanghai in the fall, remains mostly the same. Only ADC Gadget leaves the team and is succeeded by the French Frappii.
The situation is different in the Prime League team, UOL Sexy Edition. While Envy Carry, Venzer and
Dreamer Ace already wore the Unicorns jersey last year, the Finnish player Sleeping joins as
Toplaner, the Dutch Kadir as Jungler and the French Midlaner Decay.
Also the German CS:GO team gets reinforcement. Anhuin and HadeZ, both from Germany, and the
French Python, now represent the Unicorns in the 99Damage League with the already known Crisby and P4trick.
The PUBG Mobile Team Europe has been completely reorganized. The managers Alfax and Atomicx
now represent the Unicorns in all tournaments with AgoNN, KED, Savagex and Fresh.
Since recently, the Unicorns are now also operating on 4 wheels. The Sim Racing Team around René
Sievert, Michael Czerwinski and Florian Dührkop was joined by Bastian Richter and Lasse Schwert.
Last but not least the Clash of Clans clans of the Unicorns are spreading more and more. In the
Japanese main team Arrow, Curry and Chinchin support from now on the already existing core of
Sahara, Toto and Komakun. Mammuth, Dani, Mudda, Stana and Viduz are the European clan of the
Unicorns and Scorpion, Rico, Wolfsherz, Nigel, Jondal, Azael, Nasil and Ghost represent the Unicorns
as the German team in Clash of Clans. Stay tuned for more international clans!

January 27, 2021

2020 - we look back on an exciting year

The first four weeks of 2021 are behind us and it’s time to take another look back. 2020 was a very
eventful year for the Unicorns of Love.
In March 2020, for the first time in the history of Unicorns of Love, the family business expanded.
Tomislav Karajica joined as an investor; with him, the Unicorns will implement many exciting projects in the future. It started right away in March with the realization of the Logged-In Festival, which was created during the first restrictions caused by the Corona Pandemic. The festival was aimed at all age groups and intended to provide an accessible introduction to the topics of e-sports and gaming for those interested. The Unicorns were able to get involved primarily in the planning of the festival and in the various formats. The conception of a new gaming house in Hamburg, the largest gaming house in Europe, was also initiated last year (see article below).
However, not only in Hamburg, the Unicorns of Love have achieved a lot in the last year. Great
successes could also be scored in eSports. Starting with League of Legends. The Russian team around coach Fabian Mallant aka Sheepy managed to win two championships in the CIS region and made it to the World Championship in Shanghai. Here they were able to qualify for the main round of the World Championship via the play-ins – a huge success.
In PUBG Mobile, the European team of the Unicorns was also able to go to the World Championship, where the boys of the team placed thirteenth – also a great success for the team.
But the Unicorns of Love were also able to score regionally. In the strategic shooter CS:GO, the team
of the Unicorns reached third place in summer. At the last championship in winter, they were even
able to take second place. The German League of Legends team was also successful in the German
professional league. In the spring season, they were able to take fourth place.
Manager Vivien Mallant also thinks it’s a strong year for the Unicorns of Love: “Of course, we will try
to build on the successes from 2020. We want to create something big with our gaming house and
inspire our fans. We are looking forward to an even more successful 2021!”

October 5, 2020

Bye, Bye Berlin! UOL Move Their Berlin Gaming House To Hamburg And Open Europe’s Biggest Gaming House

Hamburg is on its way to become an international Esports Hub! We are transforming the former Telekom Conference Hotel in Hamburg-Nettelnburg into Europe’s biggest Gaming House and Esports Hotel together with our investor, the Real Estate and Project Developer, Tomislav Karajica. Stay tuned – the opening is already planned for the end of 2021!
The 20.000 m² building will not just serve as our new operational headquarters and Gaming House for our teams, but will be a community space where gaming newbies and pros alike find a space to play, connect and have fun. With a wide array of event, coaching, education and bootcamp formats, we are creating a space that is mutually beneficial to professional esports teams and casual gamers.
“Esport is a rapidly growing market in all areas. The community is also strong in Hamburg, but there is no room for them to come together. We are creating this space to the highest standards,” says Tomislav Karajica. “If all instances pull together, Hamburg will take on a leading role in gaming as early as next year – worldwide!”
“We are excited to have such an experienced partner on our side for this ambitious project. As shareholder of the Hamburg Towers Basketball team Tomislav has already written a similar success story”, says Vivien Mallant, GM of the Unicorns of Love.
Tomislav Karajica played a major role in the development of the Hamburg Towers organization, is responsible for the operation of their arena, and is starting the construction of a neighborhood sports building. He is thus responsible for creating an entire ecosystem around the basketball Bundesliga club, which has massively enhanced the value of Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg as a location over the years.
Karajica is sure: “What we succeeded with the towers around Marvin Willoughby and Jan Fischer, we will also succeed with the Unicorns of Love and the Mallant family in Bergedorf (Nettelnburg). The Gaming House is something like the digital version of the arena. In each case with protagonists at our side, who care about their sport and their home”.

March 19, 2020

It’s A Match! Project Developer Tomislav Karajica Invests In Esport-Team Unicorns Of Love

Following his commitments with the basketball Bundesliga club Hamburg Towers, as well as the football clubs FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin and SK Austria Klagenfurt, the real estate and project developer Tomislav Karajica is now joining the internationally renowned Hamburg Esport team Unicorns of Love, as an investor.

„We are proud to have found such an exciting and well-established partner like Unicorns of Love to drive our strategy forward“, says Tomislav Karajica, managing partner of Home United. „The vision is to become the most innovative real estate brand from Germany. Its core consists – in addition to the established structures for project development, planning and construction – of an affiliated competence centre from which we, together with strategic partners and holdings, transport content from sport, health, events and education to our properties and an associated digital infrastructure. Together with the Unicorns of Love, we will develop appropriate formats and content in e-sports, which represents a further important and forward-looking component of our conceptual approach.“

Unicorns of Love was founded in 2013 by Fabian Mallant, he is the coach of the internationally successful team. The management tasks are shared by his father Jos Mallant and his sister Vivien Mallant, with whom Karajica has been holding talks about becoming an investor in recent weeks.

„With Unicorns of Love, we have built a successful, innovative Esport organization. As a family business, our focus has always been to create a secure basis for our employees to jointly generate sporting success and new ideas. After six years under our own steam, we are now opening up for the first time to an investor, in order to further expand our company”, says Vivien Mallant and emphasizes: „It is particularly important to us that we now have a partner at our side, who recognizes the opportunities in the industry and shares our visions and values. In addition to financial security, we are particularly interested in the further added value offered by the cooperation with Tomislav Karajica and all related projects. Together we will grow in many areas and learn from each other.“

As a lighthouse of the partnership between the Home-United founder and Unicorns of Love, an Esport Space will be opened soon in the Hamburg Ding at Nobistor on St. Pauli, and the construction of a gaming house is also well advanced in the planning stage. „This will be a hotspot for all gamers, the Mecca for Esportlers”, assures Karajica and adds: „It is always in our focus to set themes and design content that create spaces and occasions for social interaction. In the world of sports, we are enthusiastically pursuing this path with Unicorns of Love.“

February 10, 2020

Unikrn & Unicorns Of Love Pick TyBuu As Official Streamer!

The first $50,000 Unikrn streaming competition attracted thousands of entrants over six months, but it is finally coming to a close with the first official stream set for Friday, February 14.

Unikrn and Unicorns of Love set out to find the most dedicated, capable, diverse and entertaining streamer yet undiscovered in the gaming space, dedicating $50,000 over six months plus resources and guidance to make one dream reality.

Tyrelle “TyBuu” Appleton, a New Hampshire resident native to Toronto, Canada, brings a unique background, edging out hundreds of other qualified entrants with his style and unique entertainment factor. He was a dedicated basketball player with a degree in sports management and a masters degree in business administration.

The decision to give everything up to pursue gaming professionally does not come easy to a man with as many talents as TyBuu.

“This is an opportunity that I only could have dreamed of growing up,” he told Unikrn, “I have sacrificed so much on this journey, including a professional basketball career because I saw the value and potential in growing with the esports industry.”

With support from Unikrn and Unicorns of love, TyBuu is working to change his Twitch 3500 followers into 35,000 followers… or more. Following him on all social media @TyBuuTV and join his journey!

Growing up I had to overcome many hurdles, the odds were against me, but I continued to chase this dream and pray everyday. First, I want to thank God. I also want to thank my family, my fans, Unikrn and Unicorns of Love, and everyone else that helped me get to this point. I look forward to the future and hope to have a positive impact on more people. I’m proud to be more than a gamer!

You can expect to see Gears of War, NBA2K, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Super Smash Bros, Call of Duty and Overwatch among other games on his streams at starting Friday, Feb 14. 

Who is the winner?

Tyrelle Appleton aka TyBuu

More info about him:

While being on an athletic scholarship I played college basketball and soccer for the College of St. Joseph. During that time I competed in many LAN events across the country while managing my own esports organizations.Then I graduated with my bachelors degree in Sports Management and Masters in Business Administration. During my last year of college I established and developed the first collegiate esports program in New England. I’m currently a consultant and Esports Program Director for New England College. To this day I continue to play in men’s basketball leagues while maintaining my family life.

When does he start? 

First stream this week, aiming for Friday 2/14

Where is he from? 

Live in New Hampshire, but I was born in Toronto, Canada and spent most of my summers in New York City.

What games do you stream?

Gears of War, NBA2K, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Super Smash Bros, Call of Duty and Overwatch.

What are your media channels handles?

@TyBuuTV for Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch and eFuse.

What did he do for a living before taking this job? 

While attending college I worked as a brand ambassador for Major League Gaming. I also worked as a Public Safety Officer for my graduate assistantship. Lastly, I was an Interim Director of Marketing for the Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity.

When did he start streaming? 

During my freshman year of college, 2012.

What is his current audience size?

30,000+ followers across all platforms.

Quote from Tyrelle

“This is an opportunity that I only could have dreamed of growing up. I have sacrificed so much on this journey, including a professional basketball career because I saw the value and potential in growing with the esports industry. Growing up I had to overcome many hurdles, the odds were against me, but I continued to chase this dream and pray everyday. First, I want to thank God. I also want to thank my family, my fans, Unikrn and Unicorns of Love, and everyone else that helped me get to this point. I look forward to the future and hope to have a positive impact on more people. I’m proud to be more than a gamer!”

Quote from Rahul Sood, Unikrn CEO

“Unikrn works hard to push gaming and esports forward,” said Rahul Sood, Unikrn CEO, “And part of that is leveraging our brand to give opportunities to awesome people in this space. We’re so lucky to have found TyBuu and have partners like Unicorns of Love to give him this unprecedented opportunity.”

September 16, 2020

Unikrn & Unicorns Of Love Partner In $50,000 Search For New Esports Talent!

Unikrn, the world’s longest-operating esports-first betting operator, and Unicorns of Love, one of gaming’s most beloved fan-focused esports franchises, are offering a $50,000 streaming or esports contract for a new esports talent to join the Unicorns of Love banner. The brands are announcing the search alongside major changes to the Unicorns of Love competitive CS:GO roster, a search open for any esports fan to enter.

This search for a streamer or pro player will result in a Unikrn user receiving a 6-month contract to play with Unicorns of Love, earning $50,000 in sponsorship. Any aspiring streamer or esports competitor can apply to join Unicorns of Love on Unikrn’s search page.

“The Unicorns of Love family is changing today,” said Jos Mallant, UOL’s Owner, “Our established players will don a new jersey, with Unikrn’s invaluable support. We’ll be joined by new teammates as UOL pushes to become Germany’s best CS:GO franchise. We’re excited to be adding three new players in, Andreas “Andyy” Schäfer, Jon “JDC” de Castro and Michal “OKOLICIOUZ” Glowaty. We can’t wait to welcome a fan into our clan to stream or compete in 2020. New roster, new talent, two unicorns, one jersey: ThinkPink!”

The two companies will be partnering to provide player support for professional gamers across multiple titles, including CS:GO, SimRacing and PUBG Mobile, as well as expand Unicorns of Love’s reach with new resourcing in the coming year.

“Unikrn is first and foremost a supporter of esports,” said Rahul Sood, Unikrn’s CEO, “The last time we co-founded a team, it was a big success during our tenure. Unikrn loves Unicorns of Love’s fan love: just the name itself was too good to pass up. We’re excited to unveil Unikrns of Love.”

Unikrn and Unicorns of Love expect the unprecedented partnership activities to invigorate esports fans this fall, and Unicorns of Love fans can get earliest access by visiting and submitting an application to be considered for the once-in-a-lifetime $50,000 sponsorship opportunity.