Bye, bye Berlin! UOL move their Berlin Gaming House to Hamburg and open Europe’s biggest Gaming House

Hamburg is on its way to become an international Esports Hub! We are transforming the former Telekom Conference Hotel in Hamburg-Nettelnburg into Europe’s biggest Gaming House and Esports Hotel together with our investor, the Real Estate and Project Developer, Tomislav Karajica. Stay tuned – the opening is already planned for the end of 2021!
The 20.000 m² building will not just serve as our new operational headquarters and Gaming House for our teams, but will be a community space where gaming newbies and pros alike find a space to play, connect and have fun. With a wide array of event, coaching, education and bootcamp formats, we are creating a space that is mutually beneficial to professional esports teams and casual gamers.
“Esport is a rapidly growing market in all areas. The community is also strong in Hamburg, but there is no room for them to come together. We are creating this space to the highest standards,” says Tomislav Karajica. “If all instances pull together, Hamburg will take on a leading role in gaming as early as next year – worldwide!”
“We are excited to have such an experienced partner on our side for this ambitious project. As shareholder of the Hamburg Towers Basketball team Tomislav has already written a similar success story”, says Vivien Mallant, GM of the Unicorns of Love.
Tomislav Karajica played a major role in the development of the Hamburg Towers organization, is responsible for the operation of their arena, and is starting the construction of a neighborhood sports building. He is thus responsible for creating an entire ecosystem around the basketball Bundesliga club, which has massively enhanced the value of Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg as a location over the years.
Karajica is sure: “What we succeeded with the towers around Marvin Willoughby and Jan Fischer, we will also succeed with the Unicorns of Love and the Mallant family in Bergedorf (Nettelnburg). The Gaming House is something like the digital version of the arena. In each case with protagonists at our side, who care about their sport and their home”.

– 05.10.2020