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Unicorns of Love is a family business founded by coach Fabian “Sheepy” Mallant and run by CEO Jos Mallant and GM Vivien Mallant. We started in League of Legends in 2014 and have grown into a multi-title gaming organisation since.

Having fun, implementing innovative ideas in and outside the games and creating a positive platform that welcomes and respects everyone are our main goals while competing at the highest level.

Currently we hold 6 teams in 4 games and are looking to grow further in the future.

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what is esports?

In a nutshell: esport is competitive gaming. No matter if you are playing alone or in a team – competing with and against each other is the main focus in esports. To be able to play at the highest level in the biggest games, you have to work very hard – just like professional athletes in traditional sports. However, esports is more than that. It’s a modern, fast-paced culture with own music, movies, cosplays, celebtrities, expressions and more.

This is the official soundtrack of the League of Legends World Championship 2019 by RIOT. In the video you see many references to pro players, teams, champions and general League of Legends moments.

Moments of love

UOL Gallery

Winning LCL

Winning 99Liga

ESL Mobile Open

Worlds 2019

Worlds 2019

All-Stars Event

Our Unicorns

We are currently competing in League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG Mobile and Brawl Stars.

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"It makes sense now that the team is named after a unicorn, because as fairy tales go, it doesn’t get better than that."




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