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As an esports organisation, UOL is looking to build a bridge between esports and casual gaming. Therefor the streamer network mainly focuses on creators that are also understanding esports titles on a higher level but are highly entertaining to watch for the community.

Main content from our creators:
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Chef never shies away from a good competition. Whether it’s boxing, soccer, wilderness survival or esports.
His current focus is on the latest game from Riot: Valorant.


The name doesn’t really say it all when it comes to Kilian/Unfair. He is one of the streamers who is appreciated by the community for his honest, authentic way. His best game is also: Valorant.


The 2.07 meter man from Vienna, known for his humor and good sayings. Variety gamer and focused on entertainment, he currently plays a lot of League of Legends, among other things.


The talented moderator is always available for spontaneous content. Variety is the keyword for him, he plays everything with everyone and his small community is very actively involved.


Hugo is a Valorant content creator from the UK and currently focussing on TikTok and YouTube. He used to play PUBGM with TheMissAlly.


Our streamer from Bremen, comes from the area of PUBG Mobile and currently focuses on Valorant. After finishing her studies, she will go full throttle on Twitch again.


The third member of the Valorant trio Chefstrobel, Unfair and Bleeshh. The community would describe him as “likeable”, but ambitious would also fit well.


A variety streamer from the USA but the main games are Chess and League of Legends. He’s officially partnered with and enjoys playing games with viewers.

niklas houben

Niklas is one of our Sim Racers and also streams on Twitch. On his channel you can watch official races with exclusive insights and learn everything about Sim Racing.


eVoRoX has been streaming on Twitch for years and focuses mainly on sim racing. He complements our sim racing team as a driver and in the entertainment area.


Lucid is a professional player in our Valorant team and has recently started streaming on Twitch. He and our other Valorant streamers can therefore also participate in tournaments at any time.

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